Laverne Cox quote print for chairties

Laverne Cox quote print for chairties


“We have to be really skeptical when a few people are elevated, and the majority of people are still struggling" Laverne Cox


Print is A3 in size, on 260gsm recycled paper, edition of 100. 


All proceeds of this print shall be divided between these 3 organisations, supporting the lives of trans and LGBTQ+ :

This quote from Laverne Cox, (from the @disclosuredoc , go watch if you haven't already!)  speaks volumes, in context of the acceptance of trans lives, elevating the few... and the inhuman views from the media, and many people, everyday. 

The media obvs has huge control on the narrative of Trans lives, which is incredibly unfair, and these are just people living their true existence. People full of strength, to truly be who they are 

We must stop the discrimination of trans and LGBTQ+ lives, just for simply exisiting. 
We can all do better to ensure this weird and beaut world is a safe place for all. 

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